Admission to Vivek-Uday


Admission (for Boys) and Scholarship( for Girls) notification 2024              

Application form(Boys)(pdf) 

Students who have passed the Higher Secondary Examination of the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education in the current session and seeking admission in colleges or University in Kolkata are generally eligible to apply here. 

Once admitted, an eligible boy can usually stay at Vivek-Uday for 3 years of the college course. Each year, new boys are admitted depending upon the actual openings.

Girls can avail of a scholarship, tuition and books to be provided to them depending on their needs. They however, have to take care of their residence by themselves for these 3 years.  

Admission procedure:

The selection of new students is through an interview, which is usually held at Vivek-Uday. The selection of students depends on student’s academic records and family financial background.  Although we don’t have any criteria for marks, students must have taken admission or able to get admission at any college in Kolkata. Selection of new students is solely depending upon selection committee.

Application form & fees:

Application forms are issued just after the publication of H.S. results of the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. The interview is usually held within 30 days of the publication of the above result. Application form can be obtained from our Vivek-Uday, or Ramakrishana Mission Calcutta Students’ Home, Belgharia, or downloaded from our website. Form fee is Rs. 50/-. 

Results & Important Dates:

The results of the interview are declared after whole interview. For important dates & results regarding the admissions please lick here:  

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