Vivek-Uday Students’ Welfare Society

(Vivek-Uday in the Eyes of our Ex- and Present Brothers)

 For me, Vivek Uday is my second home. Being a family member of VU, I have learnt how to look life beyond imagination. This is the place from where my spiritual growth has begun. This is the place where ambition, passion, hard work are originated from love. I got enormous help and love in all the way from this place during my stay and beyond it. I would never forget those memorable three years in Vivek Uday as a student. I am proud of being attached with VU. 

                        --- Dr.Ratan kumar Bera, Ph.D. from India Institute for Plasma Research at Gandhinagar, doing Postdoc at Virginia Tech, USA

Since my B.Sc up to now Vivek Uday seniors have been extending their helping hands more than by my kith and kin. In future I would like to be an active part of this organization and hope that many more students like me will be benefited by this institution.                                                                          ------Sagar Ghoroi, PhD Student, Uppsala University, Sweden

I grew up with minimum restriction and maximum freedom in my second home, Vivek Uday , a candle light in my dark nights, made me what I am now.                  --------Dr. Milan Maji, Postdoc, University of California, Riverside, USA

My gratitude knows no bounds when I think of Vivek Uday. This institution has helped me develop my personality educationally, morally, culturally and spiritually.                  ------ Animesh Paul, Joint B.D.O.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be benefited from my family and from Vivek Uday and also from a set of mentors there in Vivek Uday, all of whom did not hesitate to support me with every opportunity to achieve what I set out to do. Thanks everyone for believing in me.

                                                ----- Sudip Pal, pursuing PhD at TIFR Hyderabad


I am thankful to Vivek Uday, the society of brotherhood, the perfect place of gaining knowledge, for being my shelter and offering me guidance.

 ------Kingshuk Chatterjee, Mathematics(H)

                                                              2nd year in R.K.M.V.C. College


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