Women Empowerment...

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” -Brigham Young

“There is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved.” - Swami Vivekananda

It is of utmost importance that women participate significantly in the development processes, for a society to progress. Education not only opens up plenty of opportunities for a girl, but it also has an enormous impact within the family members and the next generations. It is expected that educated girls would marry at a higher age and have less number of children and healthy families. Education of children is influenced by that of their parents, especially the mothers’. An educated mother would know her rights and the prospects ahead for herself and her children. Human development and socio-economic factors like low birth rates, low infant mortality rates, higher marital and motherhood age and life expectancy would improve in due course.

It has been observed that there is a huge difference in the number of girls completing school and those getting enrolled for higher education. The reasons for excluding girls out of higher education in our society are manifold and most of the times harsher than those of boys. A large percentage of girls in rural areas do not have access to educational institutes. Many girls are required to do household chores. Some are forced to work outside to support their families. A large number of girls are married off too. However, above all these, the major villain causing the discontinuance is the abruptly high costs of higher education. 

Since, one has to start from somewhere; Vivek-Uday Students’ Welfare Society has decided that a few girls would be supported from this academic year to help them pursue higher education.

For the time being, the Society would take care of the financial and educational needs of the girls. A separate stock would be maintained from the general funds collected, for these girls, depending on the number of responses and the costs. A committee comprising of girls from the Society, would keep in direct touch with the deprived girls and look after them. Eventually the plan of accommodating the girls could be executed.

Since the admissions to colleges are just round the corner, this message has to be spread out very fast. The girls can contact through you or directly to the members of the Society.

 Girl's Scholarship Recipients

 1)    Ms.  Jayanti Roy

         Vill+PO Panpara, PS. Ranaghat, Dist.-Nadia, PIN-741402,            West Bengal

          College: Ranaghat College

          Subject:  History (H)

         Year : 2023

 2)    Ms.  Koyel Biswas

         Vill- Ramchandrapur, PO-Harinarayanpur, PS.                               Nakashipara, Dist.-Nadia,West Bengal

         College: Bethuadahari College

          Subject:  Education (H)

          Year : 2023

 3)    Ms.  Guddi Rana 

         Vill+ PO-Aguibani, PS.-Jhargram, Dist.-Jhargram, PIN-                721517, West Bengal

         College: Jhargram College

          Subject:  English (H)

          Year : 2023

 4)    Ms.  Pratali Chakraborty 

         Vill:  Sauri, Belda, Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal

          College: Midnapore city college

          Subject:  Chemistry (H)

        Year : 2022

 5)    Ms.  Moumita Mondal 

         Vill:  Jatragachi Purba Para, Newtown, North -24 Pgs, WB 

          College: Vidyasagar Metropolitan College 

          Subject:  Geography(H) 

         Year: 2022

  6) Ms.  Rita Haldar 

         Vill:  Ektiashal, Bhaktinagar, Sevoke Road, Siliguri, WB

          College: Bethune College

          Subject:  English (H) 

        Year :2022

 7)    Ms.  Shefali Dingal 

         Vill:  Chemaguri, sagar,  South -24 Pgs, West Bengal

          College: M.R. Bangur, Hospital, Kolkata

          Subject:  GNM Nursing 

8)  Ms. Nilima Paul (Book Grant  only)

      Vill:  Chemaguri, Sagar,  South -24 Pgs, West Bengal

         College: Sagar Mahavidyalaya

         Subject:  Bengali (H) (completed)

 9)   Ms. Ayantika Kundu (Book Grant only )

        Vill:  Dumdum, Kolkata 

         College: Maharani Kasiswari College, Kolkata

         Subject:  Psychology (H) (completed)

 10)    Ms. Sudipta Chatterjee 

         Vill: Shyamnagar, P.O. Jagaddal , 24-Pgs(N)

          College: Nagar College, Murshidabad, West Bengal

          Subject:  History (H)  (completed)

11) Ms. Jnui Mondal 

      Vill: Gopalpur, P.O. Nonadanga

      P.S. Margram, Dist. Birbhum

      College: Nagar College, Murshidabad, West Bengal

        Subject:  Bengali (H) (completed)

12) Ms. Priya Mondal

        Vill: Joychandrapur,  P.O: Nonadanga

        P.S: Margram, Dist: Birbhum

         College: Asleha Girls’ College

        Subject: History( hons), (completed)

13) Ms. Bani Sing 

      Vill: Trikalpur, P.O. Kashimpur

      P.S. Belda, Dist. Paschim Midnapore

      College: Belda College

      Subject: Beng, Edu, Sociology (pass)( completed)

14) Ms. Mita Bagdi 

     Vill: Gopinathpur, P.O. Delora

      Dist. Birbhum

     College: Hetampur Krishnachandra College

     Subject: Bengali (hons)( completed)

  Girl's Scholarship distribution ceremony: 2020-2023

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