The society aims at providing a suitable and friendly atmosphere to rural poor but meritorious students in pursuing their higher education after school and also to impart value education to them for developing their overall character. Since these students mostly belong to families which are below the poverty line, they are unable to bear the expenses of pursuing higher education viz. the college fees, books. In such a situation, these students are provided with financial support to carry on their higher studies by this society.

Future Plans...

  • A permanent residential place equipped with all necessary facilities for the students. A larger place is needed since we want to house more needy students. Our goal is to make a provision for about 100 students by the year 2020.
  •  We want to increase the number of girls’ fellowship and arrange a place for girls to reside permanently and study for graduation.
  •  To make the Vivek-Uday library bigger and to make the membership of the library more general.
  •  To create a permanent fund to expand & regularize relief works in different villages.
  •  To provide financial help to school students in the form of scholarship.
  •  Social activities in the slums around Vivek- Uday, Belgharia.

 Journey so far...

  • 2004: Started by assisting one student.
  • 2006: Separate rented lodging facility with another three students was arranged. This rented house is exclusively for Vivek-Uday students.
  • 2007: First student successfully completed his graduation.
  • 2007: Two students were admitted.
  • 2008: Four new students were admitted. Vivek-Uday sifted to new rented house to accommodate all  the students.
  • 2009: Another two students successfully completed their graduation.
  • 2009: Three more students were admitted.
  • 2010: Another student successfully completed his graduation.
  • 2010: Three more students were admitted.
  • 2011: Another four students successfully completed their graduation.
  • 2011: Four more students were admitted. Now 10 students in all.
  • 2012: Three new students joined us.
  • 2012: Three students completed their graduation.
  • 2013: Four students have been admitted.
  • 2014 has come with a new ray of hope for talented girl students as well. Jnui, Priya, Bani and Mita, hailing from quite humble background, have geared up for a bright future with the stipend and books provided by Vivek-­Uday.
  • 2015 onwards , 4 students take admission every years..... 

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